Monday, May 30, 2016


A WOMAN suffering from an extremely rare condition is desperate for doctors to help turn her life around after her right leg ballooned in size — and now weighs an astonishing 17-STONE!Mandy Sellars, 38, from Accrington in Lancashire, is believed to suffer from Proteus syndrome — a condition thought to afflict just 120 people around the world.While she has a slim size-12 body, her legs and feet are supersized.

Dubbed ‘The Giant Leg Woman’, Mandy had her left leg amputated in 2010 after it grew to 5-stone in weight and developed an infection.
But it began to grow back, faster than ever.
Now, with her right leg weighing an incredible 17-stone - more than the average man - in a new TV documentary Mandy visits doctors at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge who diagnose her genetic condition for the first time and, she hopes, have developed medication that could prevent her rogue gene expanding her limbs.
But will it actually shrink them too?