Friday, May 13, 2016

Kendra Wilkinson Feud Still On ... Holly's Not Loyal

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Kendra Wilkinson's not waving any white flags in her war with Holly Madison ... but she is blaming hormones for her XXX tweets at her ex-Playboy pal.
We got Kendra outside FOX News Thursday and she explained why she's on the attack, and not planning to back down.
Earlier, she went after Holly on Twitter for dissing Hugh Hefner in a People article. The tweets were extremely graphic, and Kendra's since deleted them.
0512_kendra-wilkinin-tweet-SUBBut the damage is done for Holly, who tells us she doesn't want to be part of a fight where "one woman lives to demoralize and degrade another woman."
She added a jab of her own -- "For those with unresolved issues, therapy works."