Saturday, May 14, 2016

Chyna Recorded Sad Final Weeks ... For Documentary Film

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In the week before her death, Chyna recorded several videos of herself for a documentary that was supposed to be about her comeback ... instead, they show just how bad her situation really was. 
The videos show a clearly troubled and inebriated Chyna with a bloody gash and severe bruising on her right eye.
We spoke with film maker Rob Potylo who says Chyna insisted the wounds were from a random champagne bottle attack at a liquor store ... but he believes she was injured in a drunken fall and was too embarrassed to admit it.
Potylo says he was extremely concerned when he saw the videos and got in touch with Chyna's attorney to discuss a plan of action to help her out.
In fact, Potylo says Chyn's team had reached out to WWE to help get her into rehab -- but they simply ran out of time. Chyna died as they were working out the details.
Potylo says he now realizes the videos were cries for help -- and feels terrible that they weren't able to save her.
"I love her and miss her dearly every day.