Sunday, May 15, 2016

50 Cent’s Financial Woes May Be Worse Than Previously Thought

50 Cent Broke
In March, there were reports that 50 Cent had reached a deal to pay back most of the $31 million to owes his creditors, including Rick Ross’s baby mama.
It needed to be approved by the bankruptcy judge, and there was some doubt that it would because Fif’s IG flexing of cash had called his accounting into doubt.
The deal still hasn’t received the OK, but that may be because his financial woes are worse than previously reported.
In his latest court filings, Fif says a more thorough examination of his finances reveals he is $36,098,773 million in debt, with $19.8 million in assets to his name.
50’s monthly income is $184,000, and he spends $108,000 per month on various expenses.