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BIGGIE and TUPAC started it all from the beginning.....Respek to em BIGGIE and TUPAC the legends that will never be forgotten.

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Is Sarkodie(#Meekmill) and M.anifest(#Drake) again...#whoisthebest

 yesterday night was a busy night. Twitter was on fire again. A trend emerged from Sunday night well into Monday and leading all the way to thursday morning. The battle on social media was an artistic war between Sarkodie and M.anifest. Well, not Sarkodie and M.anifest but fans and followers of the self-proclaimed King of Gh rap and the god MC.


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Did you know that having sex could be as healthy as eating a fruit? Well, find out how.


Sex maybe one of the best pleasurable experiences to have as a human being. But, did you know that having sex could be as healthy as eating a fruit? Well, it is.  Here are some health benefits of sex that you might have not known about.

Sex maybe one of the best pleasurable experiences to have as a human being. But, did you know that having sex could be as healthy as eating a fruit? Well, it is.  Here are some health benefits of sex that you might have not known about.
1.Boosts your immunity 
Yes! It’s true. Having sex regularly will decrease your chances of falling sick. According to a research conducted at Wilkes University, Pennsylvania, people who had more sex had 30% higher levels of the antigen immunoglobin A, as compared to people who didn’t. This antigen defends your body against colds and flu. Alternatively, you could also try including these foods in your diet to boost immunity. 
2. Helps you sleep
After you orgasm, endorphins which are released in your body make you feel relaxed and sleepy. Sleeping well is important too and has a range of health benefits of its own. 
3. Reduces stress
Indulging in sex releases endorphins like oxytocin which releases your stress by making you feel good. Even though, stress can lower your libido, it is advised that you do not get dissuaded and have sex. Read more about some natural remedies to reduce stress. 
4. Helps you lose weight
Obesity is a serious problem in today’s world and if gymming does not count high on the pleasure scale – try having sex. A research conducted by William Masters and Virginia Johnson showed that men burn 4.2 calories, and women burn 3.1 calories for every minute of sex that they have.
5. Lowers your risk of prostate cancer
According to a study conducted by National Cancer Institute, men who ejaculated more than 21 times a month had a significantly lower risk of developing prostate cancer. Here are some more tips to lower your risk of having prostate cancer.
6. Makes you look younger
Dr David Weeks of Royal Edinburgh Hospital conducted a 10 year long study which found that people who had sex more than 4 times a week, felt as much as 10 years younger. This is not just a perceptive feeling, as the hormones released during sex actually help in preserving your youth. Besides having sex, you can do the following things to look younger.
7. Reduces risk of heart disease
Heart disease is a major problem these days with 70% of the urban population at risk. According to a study published in American Journal Of Cardiology, men who had sex twice a week had a lower risk of having heart disease than men who didn’t. With sex helping you lose weight, releasing your stress and helping you sleep – this study is not surprising at all. 
8. Makes you more intelligent!
Extremely intelligent people like George Bernard Shaw, Einstein and Mozart loved having lots of sex. We can’t say for sure, but probably that was the secret to their genius. Scientists in Melbourne have found that sex boosts mental performance by helping in the production of neurons in the hippocampus. 
So yes, sex is indeed good for you! But make sure you always use protection to avoid STDs and unwanted pregnancy.

A must-win game for Cavaliers

In the early hours of Saturday the LeBron James-led Cleveland Cavaliers will look to tie the NBA Finals at 2-2 against the Golden State Warriors and SuperSport will show it live.
Early this week, the Cavaliers made a tremendous statement of their playoff intentions by trouncing the Golden State Warriors 120-90 in Game 3.
If the Cavaliers lose Game 4, they will be on the brink of elimination.
So, how can they turn the best-of-seven series around after being blown out in Games 1 and 2?
“It's the same mindset,” James told reporters on Thursday referring to Game 3 in which they outplayed the defending champions.
“We can't afford to go down 3-1 and go into their building and give them confidence going back. So it's a do-or-die game for us still.”
Entering Game 4, the Cavaliers are perfect 8-0 at home in this year’s playoffs. The 30-point win over the Warriors was the Cavaliers’ largest margin of victory in a Finals game, and the 3rd time winning by 30 or more points this postseason.
With reigning MVP Stephen Curry and fellow sharpshooter Klay Thompson struggling for most of the series, the general feeling among the Cavaliers is that this is a must-win contest.
Take Tristan Thompson’s statement as an example.
“They're still up 2-1,” the Canadian big man said. “The most important game for us is Game 4. It's a game that we want to win. We view it as a must-win. We're going to come with that approach and give it all.”
Golden State is shooting 42.3 percent from beyond the arc in playoff wins, but only 33.0 percent in defeats.
“For us, we have to just stop that force that they played with in Game 3 and come with more effort and more focus from the jump,” Curry said.

Why Did She Allowed Her Boyfriend To Video Her

Dam she let her boyfriend video her ,this was the reusult ;Never ever on any circumstance allow yourself to be video tayped in any nude form  whatsoever in the name of love  or fun. The consequences can be really disastrous! Beware! and don't let your future to be in the hands of the public to be talked about.

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Behind the Scenes of Kobe Bryant's Last Game


           WE ALL THANK YOU KOBE!!!

‘Ninja Turtles 2’ Slightly Stronger, But Still Struggling With Sequelitis; ‘Me Before You’ Hooks Women – Saturday AM B.O. Update


4TH WRITETHRU, Saturday 8AM: Refresh for updates Paramount’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows is gaining strength bit by bit in the wake of that A- CinemaScore, but not enough to scream “Cowabunga!” as this sequel cost a reported $135M before P&A. Current industry estimates show TMNT2 coming in with a $12.4M Friday and an opening weekend of $33.7M at 4,071 theaters.
I heard yesterday that TMNT2 was originally tracking at $49M on NRG three weeks ago and since then, its projection tanked. Some attribute this swing to broken tracking models; they tend to have the pulse on TV ads, but fail to take into account the social media vibe (That said other tracking firms tell me they take all factors into account when forecasting).
Others blame TMNT2‘s sequelitis on Paramount’s decision to change-up its target audience. When the studio rebooted the franchise two years ago, they executed a perfectly calibrated campaign that would appeal to Generations X and Y nostalgia for the brand. That pulled in 55% over 25. This time the studio focused on kids, and 52% under 25 and 40% under 18 showed up. Still, we’re looking at lower ticket sales here. iSpot.TV shows that Paramount shelled out an estimated $28.3M on television ads, with heavy spends on such Nickelodeon kid shows as SpongeBob SquarePants, The Thundermans and Henry Danger. Let’s not forget that the Melrose Lot also spent at least $5M on a Super Bowl spot for TMNT2.

tmnt comic
But c’mon, it’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, not X-Men. How high can the stakes get in this sewer world with four fat, bulky turtles? I still have the Eastman and Laird comic books upstairs in my closet from my junior high days and the original property since the mid-1980s has weathered various blenders at New Line, TWC/Warner Bros (remember that 2007 animated film TMNT which made $54M at the domestic B.O.?), and Nickelodeon prior to Paramount. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was an indie comic book that completely sold out to commercialization, leaving a large portion of its tonal roots in the dust. The original comic book was a die-hard satire, even sending up Wolverine, but dramatic gravitas played on screen would have seemed ridiculous. A sequel for TMNT was announced during its $65.5M successful opening weekend two years ago.
While this sequel is -49% off from the 2014 installment’s $65.6M opening, the 1991 New Line sequel only slid 21% from its initial 1990 chapter ($25M to $20M). What also contributed to the success of the early August opening of TMNT two years ago was the fact that there were more kids out of school. By Monday, only 52% K-12 schools will be on summer break.
The one thing that the turtles can beat their chests about this weekend is that A- CinemaScore, up from 2014’s B. Since Par went after the kid demo, it’s crossing its fingers that TMNT2 plays like one with a high multiple this summer. We’ll see. Strong CinemaScore grades for this sequel lie with males who turned up at 54% (A-), females at 46% (A-), the under 18 crowd (A), and the under 25ers (A). TMNT2 received sour results on PostTrak: 78% gave it a total positive score (meh), 47% said they’re definitely passing around the good word about it (not good), while only 20% said it exceeded their expectations (a good indicator of whether the sequel is worth moviegoers’ cash). Sixty-five percent males turned up for TMNT2, but despite 53% being under 25, there was thick draw among the millennials with 38% between 18-24 and 33% 25-34. So, a portion of the old hipster fans showed up. 3D repped only 36% of all ticket sales per PostTrak. Thirty-four percent of the crowd said they bought tickets because they like the franchise.
20th Century Fox’s X-Men: Apocalypse is down a bit further than we originally thought with $6.57M on Friday and a second weekend of $22.3M, -66%. Nonetheless, it will cross the century mark with $116.6M by Sunday.
In third is MGM/New Line’s Emilia Clarke weepy Me Before You which is outperforming its projections with $7.7M on Friday and an $18.3M opening at 2,705 theaters. But that’s not all. CinemaScore audiences gave it a string of big sloppy kisses with straight As in the over/under 25 demo, over/under 35 demo and audiences overall. Sixty-six percent of the crowd were over 25, 53% under 35. Women, per CinemaScore cards, turned out at 81% (A) with 66% over 25 (A). All demos gave Me Before You either an A or A- except for the guys who got dragged into the auditorium by their better halves. Still, Emilia Clarke is easy on the eyes and 18% of the audience said they turned up to watch The Game of Thrones actress, while 21% cited The Hunger Games Mockingjay hunk Sam Claflin. But overall, 57% of the audience wanted to watch a young romantic drama.
PostTrak shows an 83% total positive score with 61% giving it a definite recommend to friends. Even though PostTrak is showing a 74% female, 54% over 25 turnout, peering through this demo report further we see those aged 13-34 watched this movie with two to four friends (13-17 year olds at 35%, 18-24 at 22% and 25-34 at 24%). Those teens (13-17) who brought the most friends (five-plus) repped 21% of the crowd.
“When you get that young female crowd ignited, they’ll arrive at the theater in droves,” said one studio distrib chief, “but this film will have a quick burn given how most of the women arrive during the first weekend.”
Another rival exec counters, “There are lots of good examples of high weekend multiples for female driven films such as If I Stay at 3.22x, My Sister’s Keeper at 3.95x, and Age of Adeline 3.23x.” CinemaScore is comping the demos to Me Before You to Fox’s Nicholas Sparks adaptation The Longest Ride which received an A, opened to $13M and finaled at $37M. Something tells me Me Before You will have a much better leg out factor as it serves as solid counter-programming this summer. To give you an idea of what type of nerve Me Before You is hitting, Warner Bros. retweeted a moviegoer’s tweeted photos that read “I went to see Me Before You and cried off my spray tan.”
ISpot.TV shows that Warner Bros. went after females aggressively, running ads on Dancing With the Stars, The Voice, Mom and Grey’s Anatomy with a total media and TV spend of $13.7M. Warner Bros. teased exhibitors with the following clip at CinemaCon:

Relish Mix observed how two song drops were key in raising the profile for Me Before You on social media: an Imagine Dragons music video “Not Today” which has racked up 5.3M YouTube views, 120K per day, and X Ambassadors’ “Unsteady,” which has clocked 1.2M views. There’s also a lot of chatter about the film among the books’ fans, with Clarke’s official Instagram tubthumping the movie to her 4.1M followers.
Then there’s Universal’s $20M low-budget comedy from the Lonely Island guys, Pop Star: Never Stop Never Stopping which is halting in seventh place with $1.77M on Friday and $4.6M and a B CinemaScore. The title isn’t even registering on iSpot.TV which means that Uni invested largely in a thrifty digital campaign. This film wasn’t teed up to rally theatrically like Neighbors or Ted, but rather as a post-theatrical cult performer.
By Sunday, Whit Stillman’s Jane Austen adaptation Love & Friendship will be close to $7M, soon topping Barcelona, the director’s highest grossing theatrical release. A24’s The Lobster crawls from 116 theaters to 560, bound to see a 26% hike in its fourth weekend with $1.25M and a running cume of $3.7M.
The top 13 films for the weekend of June 3-5, 2016 per industry estimates as of Saturday morning:
1). Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (PAR), 4,071 theaters / $12.4M Fri. (includes $2M previews) / 3-day cume: $33.7M/Wk 1
2). X-Men: Apocalypse (FOX), 4,153 theaters / $6.57M Fri. (-75%) / 3-day cume: $22.5M (-66%) /Total cume: $116.6M/Wk 2
3). Me Before You (MGM/New Line/WB), 2,704 theaters / $7.77M Fri. (includes $1.37M previews) / 3-day cume: $18.3M /Wk 1
4). Alice Through the Looking Glass (Disney), 3,763 theaters (0)/ $3.15M Fri. (-68%) / 3-day cume: $11M (-59%)/Total: $51M/Wk 2
5). The Angry Birds Movie (SONY/ROVIO), 3,484 theaters (-448)/ $2.6M Fri. (-49%) / 3-day cume: $9.2M (-51%)/Total cume: $86M/ Wk 3
6). Captain America: Civil War (Disney), 3,084 theaters (-311) / $2M Fri. (-50%)/ 3-day cume: $7.1M (-54%) /Total cume: $388.4M/ Wk 5
7). Pop Star: Never Stop Never Stopping (UNI), 2,311 theaters / $1.77M Fri. (includes $322k previews) / 3-day cume: $4.64M/Wk 1
8). Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (UNI), 2,417 theaters (-999)/ $1.48M Fri. (-48%)/ 3-day cume: $4.62M (-51%)/Total cume: $48.4M/ Wk 3
9). The Jungle Book (DIS), 1,990 theaters (-533) / $1.1M Fri. (-37%) / 3-day cume: $3.9M (-45%)/ Total cume: $347.2M / Wk 8
10.) The Nice Guys (WB), 1,888 theaters (-977)/ $964K Fri. (-43%) / 3-day cume: $3.2M (-51%)/Total: $28.7M/ Wk 3
11.) Love & Friendship (AMZ/RSA), 819 theaters (+326) / $610k Fri. (-9%) / 3-day cume: $2.1M (-13%) /Total cume: $6.97M/Wk 4
12.) Money Monster (SONY), 1,323 theaters (-992) / $492K Fri. (-55%)/ 3-day cume: $1.68M (-61%)/Total cume: $38.1M/Wk 4
13.) The Lobster (A24), 560 theaters (+444) / $394K Fri. (+82%)/ 3-day cume: $1.25M (+66%)/Total cume: $3.7M/Wk 4
2nd UPDATE, 12:27PM: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows is on course per industry projections to make $11M today, with an opening between $28M-$30M, but rival distribution czars aren’t impressed by nor envious of this Paramount release’s weekend. In regards to a sequel’s opening vs. its predecessor’s, TMNT2 isn’t seeing the biggest drop from part 1, with its opening off by 54%-57% from the 2014 title. The goat horns for the worst sequel debut this year, of course, land upon the hat of Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass. Last weekend the James Bobin-directed movie opened 77% below its 2010 first chapter’s $116M debut. TMNT2 will have the added benefit of 331 Imax locations and 3D showtimes. The first TMNT reboot drew an over-25 crowd of 55%, roping in all the Gen X and Y fans of the comic books and New Line series. The sequel is earning slightly better reviews at 36% rotten than the first at 22%; the critics were no threat to its B.O. longevity two years ago. Nor were CinemaScore audiences, who gave TMNT a B grade
olivia munn
20th Century Fox’s X-Men: Apocalypse is looking at $8M today, off 70% from a week ago because its $26.3M Friday had a Thursday injection of $8.2M, with a second FSS in the mid-$20M range. MGM/New Line’s Me Before You is building momentum with young females and eyeing a $7M-$8M opening day (including $1.5M from Thursday night). Per one insider, matinees indicate a $15M opening, but rivals think it could have a shot at $20M. With Rotten Tomatoes critics, the Emilia Clarke romance has a middling 56% score.
Alice Through the Looking Glass is projected at a second weekend of $11M, -59%, taking its 10-day take to $51M.
Universal’s Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping is exactly where we figured it would be with $1M-$1.5M Friday and a $4M debut. Its 93 reviews currently have Pop Star ranked with a 78% Rotten Tomatoes score.
1ST UPDATE, 7:38AM: Paramount’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows drew $2 million in Thursday previews last night at 3,000 locations. That compares to two years ago, when the film’s rebooted first chapter made $4.5M on Thursday on its way to a startling $65.6M opening. Still, $2M isn’t too shabby in a marketplace where sequels have taken a beating at the B.O. this year. TMNT2 will hope to clear $30M-$35M this weekend, making up its $135M production cost abroad; that rollout in 40 markets begins this weekend. Sixty-one percent of the 2014 title’s $493.3M worldwide B.O. came from foreign.
The Melrose Studio promoted TMNT2 at WonderCon this past spring and made the pic the cornerstone of its CinemaCon presentation with Will Arnett ordering pizza to the stage at Caesars Palace Colosseum where he engaged in a lengthy banter with co-star Megan Fox.
A likely recent comp for TMNT 2 is Sony/Rovio’s The Angry Birds Movie, which made $800K on its preview night, $10.8M on its opening day and $38.2M in its first FSS.
me before you 2
MGM/New Line’s weepy romance drama Me Before You grossed $1.37M last night, in what is expected to be a $12M-$14M opening. Warner Bros. is distributing the movie. That’s a few bucks ahead of the $1.1M that another young adult drama, If I Stay, made on the eve of its opening day. That late August 2014 cash cow raked in $15.7M on its first FSS and finaled at $50.5M off an $11M production cost.
popstar 2
And Universal’s Lonely Island comedy Pop Star: Never Stop Never Stopping made $322K last night, a number that’s under what Horrible Bosses made on its preview night ($365K) and above the $250K preview cash posted by Andy Samberg’s 2012 R-rated comedy That’s My Boy. Pop Star is expected to ring in around $4M, a far cry from That’s My Boy’s $13.5M. Uni kept P&A thrifty on Pop Star and relegating it largely to digital where the Lonely Island guys have always had a huge following.
The top-grossing title last night on the charts was 20th Century Fox’s X-Men: Apocalypse which made an estimated $3.58M for a first week’s gross of $94.2M. The fourth Bryan Singer X-Men movie is expected to decline 55%-60% this weekend for $26M-$29M. Disney’s Alice Through The Looking Glass filed second with an estimated $1.8M and a first week’s tally of $40M. It is poised to tumble 60% for a second session of $10.7M.

‘Code Black’: Bonnie Somerville & Raza Jaffrey Exit As Part Of Creative Changes, Jillian Murray & Boris Kodjoe Promoted


CBS’ freshman medical drama Code Black clinched a second season renewal based on a pitch by creator/exec producer Michael Seitzman that included changes for Season 2 and a structure resembling real-life that includes a revolving cast of younger cast members. As part of the plan, two series regulars, Bonnie Somerville and Raza Jaffrey, are departing. Two recurring players, Jillian Murray and Boris Kodjoe, have been promoted to regular. A male co-lead for Marcia Gay Harden is expected to be added, along with four new residents, all heavily recurring with an eye toward becoming regulars.
“The concept of the show is for each season to begin on the first day for incoming freshman residents, just as in real life there is a cycle of residents coming in and residents either graduating or moving on,” Seitzman told Deadline. “Another hallmark of the show is that our fictional hospital is intensely populated. Not only do we average 800 extras per episode, but we have a revolving cast of doctors and nurses who enter and exit the show regularly. Bonnie Somerville and Raza Jaffrey are beloved by the audience, as well as the rest of the cast and crew. Their departure is painful for us, is no reflection on the extraordinary work they both did on the show.”
The reasons behind the casting changes are purely creative and not a sign of cutbacks as Code Black will boast one of the biggest casts on television, especially for a sophomore show, counting 13 regulars. It also features a very big guest cast, another way Seitzman and his team are trying to have the series reflect the real-life situation at a busy ER. (The 800 extras per episode support the title of the show, which indicates ER that is overwhelmed by patients.)
While going forward Code Black will continue to spend the lion share of its budget on cast, the series will likely be more nimble with contracts to allow the writers to take creative chances, like killing off Christina Vidal’s recurring character Gina in Season 1.
“The goal is to keep the audience on the edge of their seats, wondering if the jeopardy is real, and the only way to do it is to make it real,” Seitzman said.
Code Black, whose first season revolved around four first-year residents and their colleagues at the fictional Angels Memorial Hospital, was a consistent ratings performer, never falling under 1.1 ratings among adults 18-49 in Live+same day. What’s more, I hear CBS brass opted to go for a second season on the show — co-produced by ABC Studios and CBS Studios — while canceling two fully owned CBS drama series, freshman Limitless, which was higher rated, and sophomore CSI: Cyber, because they believe Code Black has long-term potential.
Code Black is returning in the fall, staying its its Wednesday 10 PM slot. It is one of two medical dramas on CBS’ schedule, along with new series Pure Genius. That is reminiscent of the 2009-1010 season when CBS launched two medical dramas, Three Rives and Miami Medical. Neither made it to Season 2.
For Code Black, this is a second revamp. The project underwent changes at the pilot stage when the lead, originally written younger and cast with Maggie Grace, was reworked for Harden. Meanwhile, the supporting role Harden had been cast in was aged down and cast with Somerville.

Elizabeth Banks Says Parental Responsibilities, Scheduling Prevented ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Directing Gig – Produced By

Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks said today that she exited as director of Universal’s Pitch Perfect 3 because delayed shooting – the film is now set for a Christmas 2017 instead of Summer 2017 release – would interfere with her duties as a parent. “We’ve been in development and it’s taking longer than we thought,” said the actress, Pitch Perfect franchise producer and director of last year’s Pitch Perfect 2. The comments came during a panel at the Producers Guild of America’s 8th annual Produced By conference at Sony Pictures.
“I thought I was going to direct the movie in the summer,” said Banks, who has two children. “It was really important to me to direct the movie in summer because if we pushed into fall it bumped up against my parental responsibilities, which made me feel uncomfortable.”
Banks’ husband and Brownstone Productions partner Max Handelman, also interviewed on panel, noted that the movie’s newly announced Dec. 22 2017 release date was Universal’s call, and that 2015’s Pitch Perfect 2 had originally been intended for a holiday release.

Good for you her. I know many parents who wish they'd chosen family first.
“The summer of 2017 feels incredibly crowded,” he said.
Banks also expressed confidence in the threequel. “I think it’s going to be a great infusion of energy in the third film,” she said.

AC/DC's Brian Johnson Optimistic About Hearing Loss After Meeting With Specialist

AC/DC singer Brian Johnson has been sidelined from the iconic band's Rock or Bust tour due to serious hearing loss, but has now shared some positive news about his condition.
Johnson has met with in-ear technology specialist Stephen Ambrose for treatment that he is hopefully will improve is hearing issues, Rolling Stone reports. Johnson said Ambrose's ADEL hearing technology -- which absorbs harmful pneumatic pressures inside your ear canal -- works and has hope it could help restore hearing to his everyday life as well as performances down the line.
AC/DC With Axl Rose Unveil Rescheduled U.S. Tour Dates
"It works. It just totally works and you can't argue with that," the singer said in a statement. "I was really moved and amazed to be able to hear music again like I haven't heard for several years now. I can't wait for it to be miniaturized so I can use it in every situation from normal communication, going out to noisy restaurants, [and] performing live music onstage."
Ambrose is the creator of the wireless in-ear monitor over 40 years ago and is widely used today. When he discovered that his invention was causing damage to people's hearings, he began working with scientists to improve the in-ear monitor and make them safer.
Axl Rose on Replacing AC/DC's Brian Johnson: 'It's an Unfortunate Situation'
He reached out to Johnson with an open message on YouTube when he learned that the singer was threatened by "total hearing loss."
Guns N' Roses singer Axle Rose has replaced Johnson on AC/DC's tour -- to many fans' disappointment, including Ambrose.
"Brian, I introduced Guns N' Roses to in-ear monitors in 1990 and I'm a big fan of Axl Rose's voice, but let's be clear: I'm with Roger Daltrey on this, I really can't imagine anyone but you singing 'Back in Black,'" Ambrose said in the video.